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Product Image Whiplash TWCu V4

Whiplash TWCu V4

\$ 215.40 SGD $ 409.00 SGD

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Adding to the traditional Whiplash line-up, the new TWcu V4 uses 22.5awg LITZ with a custom made nylon center core for damping and dielectric to allow better flow of current.

After many trial batches and 15+ changes to the configuration and long hours sampling each batch, the product that is worthy to be called an upgrade to TWcu v3. Taking on the LITZ design concept, the new design maintains the Whiplash sound signature. In addition to adding LITZ as the main concept, a custom nylon center core was designed to handle dampening and dielectrics. Furthermore, cryogenics was looked into. Each spool of TWcu v4 is cryogenically treated to align the crystal particles even more. This smooths out the sound making it more natural in the end.