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Product Image Whiplash Audio TWcu V3/TWag V3 Copper Silver Hybrid Cable

Whiplash Audio TWcu V3/TWag V3 Copper Silver Hybrid Cable

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The hybrid is made up of 4 wires of TWag V3, which is silver stranded, and4 wires of TWcu V3, which is copper stranded. Both wires are 24.5AWG. The wires are cyro treated to give the smoothness in the feel of the cable. TWag V3 gives the nice clarity and crisp highs and TWcu V3 gives smoothness and more natural bass to the music. When combined, they give you the best of both worlds. Although this cable is thick, with 8 wires in a cable, they give an excellent feel for the sound you wish to hear.

This is a new direction in cable performance. EACH CONDUCTOR has 24.5wg TWag v3 Eclipse Silver and 24.5awg TWcu v3 Copper. This means that this cable is now 8 conductor balanced! Instead of plated the copper with silver, we have now equal copper and silver coming together. The marriage is stunning. Any characteristics that silver and copper is now combine to make one full, rich, luxurious, detailed sound that has never been heard before. I guess I can have my cake and eat it too!!

When combining both new v3 wires, its like a zipper coming together which make s perfect fit. It combines the best characteristics of OCC v3 silver and the best of OCC copper. The results is one of the best cables that Whiplash Audio has made to date. The marriage makes for an experience like no other. The "weight" of the sound justifies the investment. The complete sense of worth. That is GUARANTEED.