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Product Image Whiplash Audio TWau Gold Plated Silver Cable

Whiplash Audio TWau Gold Plated Silver Cable

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TWau is a gold plated silver stranded cable that has a 26AWG. The wires are cyro treated to give the smoothness in the feel of the cable. This cable gives a wide soundstage and nice clarity to the sound with a more natural feel to the bass. This is Whiplash newest cable and is their new flagship cable over the TWag V3!

A total approach to how music needs to be reproduced representing and respecting how live music is meant to be heard. The best word to describe it is cohesive. It pull togethers all of the previous designs that I have made our cables pinnacle in this marketplace and elevated it to a totally new level. Better transients, details, black notes and well just plain better music. I can go on and on. This wire is not for everyone since the cost of this wire is expensive. This new development and experience is meant for those seeking the best of the best!!