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Product Image Whiplash Audio TWag V3 LITZ Silver Cable

Whiplash Audio TWag V3 LITZ Silver Cable

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TWag V3 is a silver stranded cable that has a 24.5AWG. The wires are cyro treated to give the smoothness in the feel of the cable. This cable gives a wide soundstage and nice clarity to the sound with crisp sounds in the highs. The TWag V3 continues the legacy of being their flagship cable and one of the best silver cable out there. This cable has been a Whiplash flagship cable before TWau cable was released.

The latest design from Whiplash Audio. Twag v3 OCC silver now adds 55% more metal making it a true 24.5awg wire. 2 years in the making with the goal to improve the total audio experience. Building off the popular TWag v2, we tested many prototypes until the results can truly be said that we achieved a new version; version 3. There is no wire that is like this. Taking all of the successes of v2, we created even more transparency, depth from front to back. Even MORE DETAILED!!! This also includes allowing the listener to be connected to its music. To create an emotion that no other wire can produce. Highs sing and just keep traveling forever. Mids are focused, rich and steal from the highs and lows. BASS in silver, what? YES. Deep controlled and well uniformed bass. When all of this is acting in concert, this allows the notes to take on texture. Now its easy to define what you are listening to.



All Whiplash cables have a 30-days warranty but excludes major wear and tear which would be accessed by our staffs. If there is a problem with your custom cable, contact us and let us know the situation. We would take care of any problems your cables goes through within the time period free of charge if it is not due to fault of the user.

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*Do note that lead time varies from 4 - 8 weeks for warranty claim as it totally depends on the manufacturer