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Product Image Whiplash Audio TWag V2 Gold Silver Gold Cable

Whiplash Audio TWag V2 Gold Silver Gold Cable

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TWag V2 with gold is a silver stranded cable that has a 26AWG. The wires are cyro treated to give the smoothness in the feel of the cable. This cable gives a wide soundstage and nice clarity to the sound with crisp sounds in the highs. The TWag V2 was their flagship cable for quite a long time before TWag V3 cable out last year.

There are other cables out there with an alloy that has 1% gold added, BUT no cable out there has 1% gold added to the AMAZING TWag v2 specifications.

The TWag v2 wire has a very high strand count making this one of the most flexible cables out there. The results is a rich detailed sound with a very wide soundstage. Highs are liquid. mids are well focused with texture and lows are expanded. When we add 1% gold to this mix, the sound is transformed into the same sound with a touch of attitude. Bass becomes even more aggressive. The added warmth takes on a new sound that is not only detail with added warmth, but is more transparent!!!