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Product Image Project K - The "K" Mod for Sony DAPs

Project K - The "K" Mod for Sony DAPs

$ 999.00 SGD

The Project K WM1A/WM1Z mod with 1960s wiring pairs the great sonic base of the Sony WM1A and WM1Z players with the extremely high performance and great synergy of the PW Audio 1960s flagship wiring, achieving levels of performance far beyond the stock players while retaining all key functionality of the players intact.
The Premium tier has the following included:

1. Brand new Pentaconn 4.4mm socket (to ensure that solder used on the socket is fresh, and not contaminated by existing solder)
2. 1960s wiring mod for both single ended (4 wires) and balanced outputs (8 wires)
3. Exotic Mitsubishi Heavy Industries precious metal (not gold) based solder used for all solder joints – outperforms all silver and gold based solders in our comparative testing
4. Dual 1960s wire for the DC ground wiring
5. Copper shielding for the timing clocks and the S-Master chip
6. Replacement of battery wiring leads (+ and - leads only) to PWAudio 1960s wiring for improved instantaneous current delivery.

The new Ultimate X tier includes all of the above and performs even further modifications to the capacitors on the player board, resulting in the most effortlessly detailed and natural sounding DAP on the market with unbeatable battery life while retaining almost all stock functionality:

1. Increase in 1960s wiring on the balanced output to 12 wires for even greater resolution and layering
2. Upgraded battery with more than 4000mAh capacity, improving battery life by 2x over stock and improving sound quality through increased power delivery (this upgrade disables the NFC function)
3. Stock capacitors in power filtration and balanced audio circuits replaced with flagship Audio Note Kaisei capacitors, with increase in power filtration capacitance by 2x. Huge upgrade over stock, with improvements in layering and effortlessness of sonic presentation

Please note that pre-modified players have a lead time of 10-15 working days.

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