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Product Image Special series | Eos - MS x Effect Audio Exclusive Cable

Special series | Eos - MS x Effect Audio Exclusive Cable

$ 299.00 SGD

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The Eos is a special limited edition cable exclusive to Music Sanctuary. Effect Audio's coveted Copper Litz wiring is taken to the extremes in performance through the use of exotic Japanese platinum based solder and the highest grade Furutech connectors.

The base material used in the Eos is cryo treated 7N purity UP-OCC Pure Copper with allows it to produce sound that is perfect with little to NO distortion. With a completely new wire geometry and construction, the Eos is no typical copper cable. Not only does it offer the traditional traits of a copper cable such as a warm and thick midrange with deep, punchy bass, it also offers a slight lift in the treble to give it a bit of airiness and sparkle. Eos gains in transparency and clarity as well as imaging precision over the regular Ares II through the use of exotic Japanese high grade platinum solder and the highest quality Furutech connectors.

Features and specifications:

  • 26 AWG UPOCC litz stranded copper wires
  • Same insulation as Effect Audio Heritage Series Leonidas
  • 1.2 meters standard length (for other lengths, please contact us)

Internal components and manufacturing defects: 1 year
For more information regarding warranty: Effect Audio warranty information