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Product Image Rhines upgrade service

Rhines upgrade service


Price includes 2-way shipping

Please refer to our product turnaround time page for more information:
Product Turnaround Times

Have an existing pair of Compact Monitors, Vision Ears or Rhines Custom Monitors CIEM and would like to upgrade to a higher end or newer model from Rhines?

We are pleased to offer the Stage 5 and Stage 7 upgrade service from Rhines Custom Monitors.

Rhines Custom Monitors will inspect your CIEM, remove the original components and install the upgraded components into it, without having the need of your selling your old CIEM at a huge loss to fund for a new one!

Do note that the upgrade service will only proceed based on a case-by-case basis following inspection and the below models are not eligible for the upgrade service:
Vision Ears VE5
Vision Ears VE6X1
Vision Ears VE6X2
Vision Ears VE6XC
Should your CIEM be rejected for upgrade service, a 2-way shipping charge of S$99 will still be charged to you, with the remainder refunded upon the return of your CIEM.