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Product Image qdc Uranus

qdc Uranus

$ 355.00 SGD

Uranus – qdc's latest Hybrid Design

Music, just like the bright stars, achieves our imagination and pursuit of beauty. Uranus, combined with qdc’s relentless pursuit of visual aesthetics and acoustic characteristics, adopts the same patented acoustic cavity as Fusion, and customized drivers, one dynamic and one BA, perfectly complementing each other, so as to achieve a more wonderful restoration of timbre performance. 

Professional debugging

qdc monitors have been adjusted by several top sound engineers and famous musicians in music section, with the features of wide frequency response, small stain, abundant sound detail, crisp and clear quality, accurate sound field positioning without losing the sense of encirclement, high resolution middle-high frequency, but not too much modification, innate excellent transient response for balanced armature, attaching equal importance to designing both quantum sense and descending, and more excellent middle frequency density than moving coil, thoroughly explain the rich emotion of music.