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Product Image PWAudio "æon" 1960s interconnect

PWAudio "æon" 1960s interconnect

$ 499.00 SGD

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The 1960s is the flagship IEM cable by Peter Wong Audio that is designed for the maximum sound quality possible for a pure OCC copper litz cable in the most ergonomic form factor.

By using 26AWG wires and FEP jacket for the positive signal and 24AWG wires and PVC jacket for negative signal, the 1960s offers a large soundstage, better sense of airiness, bass that is textured and well extended and an incredibly resolving sound matched by no other cable. 

The 1960s flagship IEM cable consists of wires made in the USA, and is hand braided and built by Peter Wong himself. To add to a more exquisite sense of touch and feel to the cables, the 1960s features carbon fiber sleeving and the signature PWAudio choker.