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Product Image plusSound Audio X series custom cable for in-ear monitors

plusSound Audio X series custom cable for in-ear monitors

$ 259.00 SGD

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Specifically made for In-Ear Monitors, the X series is ultra-portable, extremely lightweight, and highly durable - excellent for travel and stage use. The L/R section is thin at 1.4mm per side, making the cable discreet and it will feel like having no weight behind the ears for long usage. Using only two high grade, custom manufactured UPOCC enamel-coated litz wires for this cable, you will experience improvements in sound quality, while preventing oxidation and electrical anomalies such as skin and proximity effect.

Plussound's newest, most advanced Type 6 Litz also features multiple proprietary dampening cores for vibration reduction - keeping conductivity constant throughout for the best quality sound. ll wires are cryogenically treated to strengthen the structure of the wires for maximum durability and performance. Constructed with only the highest quality materials on the market and offering various connectors for your system, X series is the cable you want for a sleek, minimalistic design.

What is included in the price I pay?
  • The Plussound Audio cable you ordered
  • Plussound Audio amplifier/wrist band
  • Plussound Audio name card
I am very new to custom cables. What is UP-OCC?

UP-OCC, or Ultra-Pure Ohno Continuous Casting is a process of refining wires utilizing a heated mold for casting and extruding, with cooling taking place in a separate process. This leads to larger crystal size and increased purity of up to 99.99999% (or 7N). The benefits of UP-OCC include free from impurities as possible to prevent corrosion, flexibility and fatigue resistance while maintaining conductivity, rapid signal transmission, among others. By working with the best manufacturer of UP-OCC, we are pleased to provide the best quality wires on the market for custom cables.

What kind of wires does plusSound offer?

Plussound offers various different UPOCC wires ranging from copper to silver + gold! Each wire has its own characteristics on sound and range. We let our customers decide what they prefer to have and listen to. All wires are in type 6 litz configuration for optimal durability, flexibility, and quality.

What is the difference between all the wires offered?

Solid core wires are made up of a single strand. While they may be stiff and are known to break easier, the advantages includes more concentrated, concise sound quality, mechanical ruggedness and protection against the environment (i.e corrosion).

Stranded core are made up of multiple strands of wire. It is known to be far more flexible, resistance to metal fatigue, less likely to break, among others things. However, our custom wires improve every aspect in stranded wire. Thanks in part of collaborating with the creators of UPOCC wires, we were able of making stranded wires even better with enhanced sound quality, durability, and overall ergonomics.

Type 2 litz wires are made up of multiple bundles with equal amount of strands inside the insulation on a configuration different from type 1 stranded wires. What this does is it prevent issues such as skin and proximity effect and prevent oxidation when it has enamel coating on each strand. More importantly. this configuration improves sound quality and durability even more.

Currently, Plussound is using Type 6 litz wires, which is similar to type 2 litz in features with bundles of twisted wires except with fiber material at the core of each bundle and one in the middle of overall wire. By utilizing the core, the wires would retain a round shape while staying on the surface of the conductor, reducing mechanical vibration in the process. It is more efficient, reduces electrical anomalies and keeps eddy current losses at minimum.

Also, Plussound now offers next generation cables features newly modified Type 6 Litz with multiple shielding, dampening, and insulation on top for noise free environment offering the best clarity and resolution never before heard in previous custom cables.

What kind of characteristics do each wire have in sound?

It is difficult to describe the sound it produces as everyone has a different ear of hearing sounds. Here are our best interpretations on sound quality for each wire:

Copper = 99.99999% pure - Highs and Mids are slighty emphasized with more bass sound. Great for Rap, Rock, Techno etc.

Silver-Plated Copper = 99.99999% pure - Brighter, neutral sound with slight emphasis on bass. Great for Classical, Pop, Jazz, etc.

Copper + Silver + Gold = 99.99999% pure - Well balanced sound quality. Emphasizing highs and lows evenly.

Silver + Gold = 99.99999% pure - Enhances every range of sound (high, mid, low). Incredible sound staging. Bright, with emphasis on mid and accented bass.

Plussound also offers hybrid cables (cables with two different wires) if you are looking for the ideal and more specific sound. If you need help to decide what kind of sound you are looking for, contact us and we will gladly assist you in recommendations.

What can I do to get optimal results out of the cable?

Here are a few tips to follow:

Installation = Be sure to have the correct orientation of pins in the appropriate connector. Unless you specify two different LR indicator colors, we mark dots on identical LR indicator colors in two dots - Silver (for left) and Gold (for right). They will need to face inward, otherwise the sound will be "out of phase"

Burn-in = This is a process of exercising new audio equipment. Some may need 40 hours minimum to reach optimal performing state, but we recommend 100 hours to maximize its potential. This will result in the drastic improvement in sound.

Handle with care = The cable will work best when it is not heavily abused, tightly twisted/bent, and when they are connected/disconnected frequently from source. User wear and tear will not be covered under warranty.

Do you provide warranty?

Custom cables comes with one year warranty. Under warranty, orders can only be replaced if it is defective and determined that customer is not at fault. User wear, tear, and modifications are not accepted. If determined as manufacturing fault, it can either be repaired or replaced with a new one free of charge at our discretion.

I accidentally damaged my product. How much would it cost to replace the part(s)?

Our warranties on cables and amplifiers will cover manufacturing faults free of charge, but not user wear and tear; therefore, repairs due to accidents or misuse can be performed for a nominal fee at our discretion, depending on the issue. We like to add that even after we perform a repair, the product, including the new part(s) will still be covered by warranty until it expires. If your product is out of the warranty period, there will be fees associated with repairs. We will let you know the costs beforehand, so contact us before proceeding to send it back.