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Product Image Norne Audio Vorpal Copper/SPC Hybrid Litz Cable

Norne Audio Vorpal Copper/SPC Hybrid Litz Cable


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The Norne Audio Vorpal wires are made up of 25awg Litz OCC modified Type 4 Litz with 6 individual insulated wires and each insulated wire has 8 strands. This cable consists of 50% Copper strands and 50% Silver Plated Copper strands.

The Vorpal brings out the absolute best of your CIEM / IEM sonically while keeping flexibility and comfort on a higher level. Furthermore, the unique core material neutralises any triboelectric issues.  Half OCC Litz cu and half OCC Litz ag(cu) the Vorpal has the cu strands with special red tinted enamel and the silver coated cu strands in clear enamel to reveal an aggressive aesthetic.   




All Norne Audio cables have a 5-year warranty but excludes major wear and tear which would be accessed by our staffs. If there is a problem with your custom cable, contact us and let us know the situation. We would take care of any problems your cables goes through within the time period free of charge if it is not due to fault of the user.

*This excludes shipping to our office

*Do note that lead time varies from 3 - 4 weeks for warranty claim as it totally depends on the manufacturer