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Product Image Norne Audio Therium Silver Litz Cable

Norne Audio Therium Silver Litz Cable


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The Therium Reference Series contains the highest purity silver occ litz with brand new stranding design and cotton core. Combined with our new specialized stranding configuration (a first ever for occ litz, 2015), the Therium reference replacement cable also uses a tubular design with a 100% cotton core.  Our cotton core not only keeps the strands in the desired tube shape (where the current prefers to flow), but also deadens any internal mechanical vibration of the strands without affecting flexibility.  One of the only cables out there using the absolute driest pure cotton possible for cores, we achieve the most neutral triboelecrtic value possible internally.  The Therium reference pure silver occ litz replacement cable truly enables any iem / ciem to showcase its absolute maximum potential while also having the side benefit of being extremely comfortable / flexible (in 4-wire or 8-wire configuration).   Showcasnig end-game detail, focus and precision without sibilance or fatigue, the Therium premium occ litz pure silver cable is certainly an unstoppable force.




All Norne Audio cables have a 5-year warranty but excludes major wear and tear which would be accessed by our staffs. If there is a problem with your custom cable, contact us and let us know the situation. We would take care of any problems your cables goes through within the time period free of charge if it is not due to fault of the user.

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*Do note that lead time varies from 3 - 4 weeks as it totally depends on the manufacturer