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Product Image Norne Audio Solv X Copper/Silver Litz Headphone Cable

Norne Audio Solv X Copper/Silver Litz Headphone Cable


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The Solv X Series cable combines 5 bundles of highest purity OCC litz silver with 5 bundles of OCC litz copper in each 22awg  conductor.  Each individual litz strand bundle (out of the 10 total bundles) has a custom designed textile core (triboelectrically equalized) which dampens each individual fine 42awg strand for the maximum possible dampening in a headphone cable conductor today. Each 22awg Solv conductor has 11 total cores, another first for headphone cables, and the most currently available in the market.

While each Solv 22awg conductor has the bundles forming a tube shape around our newly developed semi-conductive core, each individual strand bundle is also in a perfect tube shape around each individual textile core with maximum dampening. This multiple level "tube" design on both the bundle level and overall larger conductor level removes any possible "dead spots" in all levels and boosts the sonic refinement to its absolute peak.  We simply refer to this design factor as dual-level tube.  Because of the Solv X wires unique 11-core design it requires much more labor in the litz tinning process, something we are willing to absolutely do for the ultimate possible sound.


All Norne Audio cables have a 5-year warranty but excludes major wear and tear which would be accessed by our staffs. If there is a problem with your custom cable, contact us and let us know the situation. We would take care of any problems your cables goes through within the time period free of charge if it is not due to fault of the user.

*This excludes shipping to our office

*Do note that lead time varies from 3 - 4 weeks for warranty claim as it totally depends on the manufacturer