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Product Image Mezzo Soprano Maestro portable amplifier

Mezzo Soprano Maestro portable amplifier

\$ 399.00 SGD $ 799.00 SGD

The Maestro portable amplifier is a product of immaculate engineering prowess from years of experience and knowledge by Chim Ja of Mezzo Soprano.

In order to achieve the most pristine sound quality of every unit of the Maestro Amplifier, Chim only picks the best 10% of components selected from a pool enough to build 100 units.

After picking out the best components, Chim proceeds to hand build every unit of the Maestro Amplifier, ensuring that each of them passes the draconian test of sound quality to his ears.

The Maestro amplifier offers a warm, lush sound signature with sweet and seductive mids, authoritative bass and a smooth but detail treble. It is fairly powerful and are able to drive full sized headphones that are rated of higher efficiency.

Every Maestro amplifier comes with a Varta PowerOne rechargeable 9V battery that is selected by Chim Ja for the best sound quality when used with the Maestro Amplifier.