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Product Image Mezzo Soprano Maestro Cable by CHIM

Mezzo Soprano Maestro Cable by CHIM

$ 699.00 SGD

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CHIM, one of the core members of Mezzo Soprano, is a purist when it comes to sound quality.

In his pursuit for the best sound quality possible, he has developed a few products and services that extracts the best sound quality out of your in-ear monitors and headphones possible.

Together with Mezzo Soprano, we present to you the Maestro Cable, which is the one and only TRUE CUSTOM-MADE cable for your audio equipment.

The Maestro Cable is truly custom made because it has a very important prerequisite:

You must send in your audio equipment for Mezzo Soprano to build this cable.

The reason is simple: Mezzo Soprano will build the cable in a way that brings out the maximum potential from your audio equipment. No two Maestro Cable is made the same. Every Maestro Cable sounds different as they are only made for the audio equipment they are meant to be paired with.

Everything about the Maestro Cable is made for the best sound quality. From high purity copper wires, to cotton sheath (which is a dielectric), plugs, connectors and specially made solder (this is where the sound is tweaked) are all used to attain the highest sound quality possible.

To finish up with the cable, your audio equipment and the Maestro Cable are burnt-in and acoustically tuned (which on its own is a S$399 service) together to ensure the synergy of the entire set is PERFECT.