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Product Image K2Craft re-faceplate service

K2Craft re-faceplate service

S$309.00 S$389.00

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K2Craft re-faceplate service is a premium service which adds an exquisite, hand-crafted jewelry style faceplate over your in-ear monitor or custom in-ear monitor.

The re-faceplate service offers many exotic and extraordinary options such as intricate laser and hand engraving, 3D parts and hybrid opal. Users may also opt for installation of precious gemstone (email us for quotation) to further beautify your in-ear monitors.

The add-on faceplate is completely removable, which allows the user to have a smooth process in the case of warranty repairs. Furthermore, as each pair of faceplate are unique to the in-ear monitor it was made for, sending the in-ear monitors to Japan itself for the service is necessary.