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Jomo Audio CIEM refurbishment service

300.00 SGD

Please refer to our product turnaround time page for more information:
Product Turnaround Times

With Jomo Audio's custom in-ear monitor refurbishment service, you or the new owner of the Jomo Audio CIEM you sold it to will be able to have the Jomo Audio CIEM reshelled and fully refurbished to a like-new condition.

Throughout the refurbishment service, your CIEM will be diagnosed for any problems in the components such as drivers, sockets, stock cable (does not include Effect Audio cables) and others. If problems are found, they will be replaced free of charge. The CIEM will then be reshelled with a new selection of designs, and will come with a full set of accessories and carrying case.

At the end of the refurbishment service, the 30 days refit and 1-year warranty will restart from the date of delivery.

Ear impressions are not included.