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Product Image HUM Hypno

HUM Hypno

$ 249.00 SGD

The HUM Hypno is a portable amplifier that represents the same philosophy as with HUM's other products, such as the Pristine Monitors, which is to offer the most transparent sound possible to the user.

The HUM Hypno is affordable and yet offers excellent performance in terms of resolution, extension, soundstage/imaging and power output. Its noise floor is also low enough to use with the most sensitive in-ear monitors, like the Pristine monitors.

Packed into a compact chassis, the HUM Hypno is very portable, allowing your portable audio setup to have a very efficient foot print and weight.

The HUM Hypno offers 3 gain settings, low gain for a less than x2.0 gain factor, medium gain for x3.0 gain factor and high gain for x5.0 gain factor.