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Product Image Han Sound Audio Muse II OCC litz silver plated copper cable

Han Sound Audio Muse II OCC litz silver plated copper cable

$ 235.00 SGD

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The MUSE II is a remaster of the original MUSE silver plated copper cable. Like the other cables in Han Sound Audio's lineup, the MUSE II features wires in OCC multi-strand LITZ configuration, coupled with DuPont Kevlar 200 wire core for strength. The MUSE II is made of silver plated copper and features a new geometry and anti-oxidation coating beneath the ultra soft-soft PVC insulation.

The MUSE II cable lends to excellent suppleness and ergonomics, accompanied with the construction style of not having any ear hooks or ear guides, the MUSE II ensures maximum comfort when in-use. With minimal skin effect, and wire geometry which maximises the efficiency of the cable, the MUSE II lends to a sound that is warm, clean and detailed, with a clean, quiet background that allows you to immerse yourself in the music.

 All Han Sound Audio cables are warrantied for 6 months against manufacturing defects.