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Product Image Heritage series | Lionheart upgrade cable

Heritage series | Lionheart upgrade cable


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Following "Leonidas" major successes, We immediately worked on the next breakthrough, the next cable that blew through standards. Our multiple designs and prototyping only bore fruit recently at CanJam NYC where we achieved in the crafting of a prototype cable that won in a landslide victory (Consumer's preference) against the other 2 of our prototypes and even against our existing line up. "Lionheart" was thus born.

Design Philosophy / Journey

The Cables industry has always been rather conservative and kept within working with UPOCC cables against the OFC cables due to present impurities despite UPOCC being less natural, airy and soulful as OFC. This phenomenon wherein the methods of refining a material interests us and drives us in search for a similar sound. As the industry is led and motivated by the Professional Music Scene, "Details" , "Accuracy" , "Transparency" were primary elements that goes into benchmarking the quality of a cable. However, Effect Audio were adamant about "Musicality & Soulful", which audiophile craves, and we have been sourcing indefinitely to achieve that. Wherein - Heritage Series was create for this sole purpose.

Following the erratic and creative designing ideology of "Heritage Series", we went back to the drawing block and started from scratch, forgetting every we've ever learnt. We went back into sourcing new materials, and for this case we tested out at least 8 different kinds of non-audio industry specific "Copper" before settling upon a specific "Copper" that serves as a core catalyst for the "Lionheart". It's by a far margin, the most beautiful, powerful and natural sound we've heard in a copper, however not optimised.. therefore, we made some tweaks..

Geometry / Design makeup

Geometry: (7) Multi-Bundle Litz ;
Materials: " EAGold Plated Copper" & "EASilver Plated Copper"
Insulation: EA UltraFlexi

"EASilver Plated Copper"
To achieve absolute swiftness in sound while having that natural organic sound, the very same category of scarce silver that "Leonidas" is made of , is employed in a generous calculated plating of the Copper.

"EAGold Plated Copper"
Whereas, the sweetness and seducing vocals that "Mars" was famous for, were incorporated by applying a plating of the same grade of gold as "Mars".

Both creation were consider wasteful by industry insiders / competitors, however,"Lionheart" is a statement product; a manifest of our best efforts & success examples thus far.