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Product Image Fir Audio Wax Vac

Fir Audio Wax Vac

$ 199.00 SGD

The Wax Vac is our most affordable vacuum for personal use. The wax vac is a home use vac that was built for cleaning wax out of your In-Ear Monitors. Being smaller and more compact while still delivering an impressive performance, it makes for a great budget option for taking with you on the go or storing away at home. The rustic anodized coating gives it a very unique finish and style.


  • The Wax Vac
  • 12v Power Adaptor
  • Clear Tube with Accessories and Tips
  • 2 Replacement Filters
  • User Manual


  • Flow Rating: 5 Lpm


  • L: 108mm
  • W: 59mm
  • H: 25mm