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Product Image Fir Audio atom-XL

Fir Audio atom-XL

$ 209.00 SGD

atom (air transferring open module) is the 3rd generation module technology that was specifically designed to give the user maximum control with front vented In Ear Monitors. Boasting a bass tolerance of 1/2 db make these modules the most advanced way of fine tuning that perfect sound signature you’re looking for. A smaller filter design reduces the air volume in the module chamber which can have a positive effect on sound presentation. The 3 pack set comes with an assortment of +, N, - (plus, neutral, minus). Durability was a high priority with the atom design. Filtering using a precise medical grade tubing allows for a consistent production process. atom is also immune to shock from accidental drops and even humidity. Isolation levels vary among the modules relative to the bass leak.

  • + Isolation: 17db
  • N Isolation: 15db
  • - Isolation: 13db

  • + Bass: 2db @ 20hz
  • N (m15 equivalent)
  • - Bass: -2db @ 20hz