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Product Image 64 Audio EP Custom Earplugs

64 Audio EP Custom Earplugs

$ 399.00 SGD

Price includes free ear impressions with professional audiologist and 2-way shipping

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The EP-Custom Earplugs with apex™ technology are the world’s most advanced custom earplugs that offer more sophisticated hearing protection than any other plugs on the market. EP-Cs take advantage of our 3D FiT Technology, resulting in a better fit and greater comfort. These hard-acrylic ear plugs will last much longer than silicone products, due to the lifespan of the material. 

The apex m20 modules (which are compatible with the EP-Cs) isolate 20db and contain a pneumatically interactive vent that alleviates the stress on the eardrum created by the occlusion effect. With the EP-C’s and their accompanying apex modules, wearers can turn down the volume of the outside world while keeping the eardrum relaxed and fatigue-free. 

Choose from any of our standard shell colors and the option to have a removable lanyard. 

The EP-Custom Earplugs ship in our zipper case with a cleaning tool.