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Product Image Heritage series | Leonidas upgrade cable

Heritage series | Leonidas upgrade cable


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The Leonidas is the first cable in Effect Audio's new Heritage series line up of cables, which will consist of cables made with hard to find materials in the pursuit of the ultimate sound quality.

Made to pair with warm and full sounding in-ear monitors such as the Cosmic Ears CE6P, the Leonidas brings out sweeter mids, punchier but better controlled bass, airier treble and better resolution.

Constructed with an ultra soft insulation and arranged in a special geometry that is a breakthrough in litz wire technology, the Leonidas is ultra supple and soft, yet has excellent quality in both sound and build.

Features and specifications

  • Pure silver and gold plated silver in patent pending breakthrough litz technology

  • Ultra soft and supple insulation that has ability to reset memory effect

  • Brings out the best  sound in warm and full sounding iems like Cosmic Ears CE6P

  • Comes with new Effect Audio connectors and Y-split

  • Comes in an exquisite packaing