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Product Image Premium series | Ares II PLUS upgrade cable

Premium series | Ares II PLUS upgrade cable

349.00 SGD

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The Ares II PLUS takes everything that the Ares II offers and brings it up to another level.

Featuring thicker wires and a very different geometry compared to the standard Ares II, the Ares II PLUS offers better layering, wider and deeper soundstage, more airiness and more resolution.

While it is noticeably thicker than the Ares II, it still remains almost equally ergonomic, thanks to its ultra soft insulation and core.

Effect Audio always maintain our perfectionist mentality in regards to our craftsmanship, so they only use high quality WBT 4% silver solder on our cables.

  • 22 AWG UPOCC litz multistranded copper wires
  • Same insulation as Effect Audio Heritage Series Leonidas
  • 1.2 meters standard length (for other lengths, please contact us)

Internal components and manufacturing defects: 1 year
For more information regarding warranty: Effect Audio warranty information