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Product Image Hall of Fame | Horus flagship upgrade cable

Hall of Fame | Horus flagship upgrade cable

2,399.00 SGD

Pre-order now and get your cable in middle of September 2017.

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Horus is the fruition after tireless research and development for a successor to the renowned Mars gold plated copper cable. The Horus features unique Effect Audio technologies such as multi-size stranding, UltraFlex insulation and ultra high strand count built in an unique geometry to bring out sound qualities that truly define a flagship class cable.

The Horus offers a sound that is musical and yet transparent and extremely detailed. Bass extension is class leading level, with extremely fine tuned depth and width layering. The Horus offers soundstage size, imaging quality and resolution that rivals high end or even flagship 8-conductor cables in a compact 4-conductor form.


  • Ultra Pure OCC Gold Plated Silver
  • Incredibly High Strand Count
  • Multi Sizing Stranding Design
  • Effect Audio UltraFlex insulation
  • New Structure Rose Gold Plated Y-Split
  • New Structure Rose Gold Plated Cable Cinch
  • PSquared Palladium Platinum Terminations - *Oyaide Collaboration*
  • Exotic Packaging - *Major Surprise*

Internal components and manufacturing defects: 1 year
For more information regarding warranty: Effect Audio warranty information