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Double Helix Cables Prion4S

3,599.00 SGD

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The apotheosis of our Complement4 technology is the Spore4.  This is the most well-protected, isolated cable DHC has ever offered.

Individual custom metal shielding scheme.  These military-grade materials are the most light & flexible metal shields we know of.  They are typically used to reduce aircraft weight in fighter jets - no exaggeration, that is their main market.  This shielding system allows us to expand the protection of each Integrated Wire while preserving comfort as much as possible.  These shields are incredibly expensive - they are not tinned copper braid, as that would be too stiff & heavy, and cost more than most silver wires per foot.  A wide bandwidth of interference is routed to signal ground.

Individually sleeved wire.   Each signal strand features our custom sleeve for our legendary Spore look.  Or, opt for a few exclusive over-sleeves covering each pair instead of individual sleeves.