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Product Image Dita Audio OSLO IEM cable

Dita Audio OSLO IEM cable

$ 839.00 SGD

The OSLO cable is in stock for immediate shipment for 2-pin cables. MMCX cables have a lead time of 3-5 days.

The Oil-Soaked Long-crystal Oxygen-free (OSLO) cable is the culmination of DITA's pursuit of their cable ideals. Starting from the ultra-pure long crystal copper conductors from Japan, the conductors are then suspended in a mixture of gold and silver particles in squalene oil for maximum conductivity, and finished with all-custom hardware including a specially designed 2-pin connector that prevents socket wear and the signature Dita Awesome Plug.

All of this results in a cable with a smooth and musical signature, pairing well and enhancing IEMs of broad sonic signatures – packaged in a supple and ergonomic package, with the source connector flexibility of the Awesome Plug.