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Product Image DHC Ultrashort Adapter

DHC Ultrashort Adapter


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The DHC Ultrashort Adapter was designed as a no-compromises cost-no-object minimalist adapter for headphone cables and interconnects. Specifically, it was designed for use with my balanced HD800s for travel. We are now able to offer 12+ variants of this adapter, interconnecting all of today's balanced portable and home gear. Specifically, there are now options for the RSA Protector, ALO balanced amps, and iBasso Boomslang/Toucan to let these new balanced audio components work seamlessly with other cables. If you can think of it, chances are we can build it.

Constructed within a Neutrik XLR body or a DHC mini plug body - built like a ship in a bottle, by hand. Soldered with Cardas Quad Eutectic silver solder with tiny RS rectangular OCC silver wires (our top wire) directly connecting the contacts. Thoroughly sealed internally with resin for an heirloom-quality adapter - the connectors or jacks are placed at the exit of the body of whichever housing we are using for the adapter, making these the shortest adapters possible. This adapter, of any design possible, will have the least impact on the original sound of your headphone cable. Due to the micro scale these adapters are incredibly difficult to build. Some of these adapters do not even contain wire. Wherever possible we will sculp the contacts to connect directly to one another.

Drop us an email at [email protected] if the connection you want is not available in the selection above.