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Product Image DHC Symbiote SP Ver. 3 OCC Silver Type 4 LITZ IEM Cable

DHC Symbiote SP Ver. 3 OCC Silver Type 4 LITZ IEM Cable

659.00 SGD

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- Type 4 LITZ: 6 spiraling bundles of UP-OCC wire strands

- Every strand of wire enamel coated to prevent oxidation

- 25 AWG wire for best balance of thickness for quality sound and flexibility

- Soft, extremely flexible and tangle resistant

- Highest quality UP-OCC (Ultra Pure Ohno Continous Casting) wires used

- UP-OCC Type 4 LITZ silver wires used for extraordinary detail retrieval, dynamics, hard hitting precise bass and holographic treble

- Cryogenically treated for enhanced strength and performance

- Easily configurable to almost any IEM/CIEM and DAP or amplifier setup

- Comes in 4 core, 6 core and 8 core options



The Symbiote SP V2, which uses Silver Peptide V2 wires, has the highest purity spectroscopically verified silver. It is the most conductive wire we have known of.

Symbiote SP V2 features LITZ wire strands made from independent bundles of UP-OCC (Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Casting)  silver which are coated with a microsopic thin layer of enamel to prevent oxidation of the wires in order to preserve the integrity and beauty of the wire’s surface FOREVER.

The LITZ wires are then arranged in a configuration that keeps the impedance of the wires consistent, making skin effect and AC (Alternating Current) losses an issue of the past.

Exclusive bead blasted aluminium finish DHC Capsid micro carbon fiber Y-split not available to other models.