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Product Image DHC Mini Complement 2 Copper Type 2 LITZ Portable Interconnect

DHC Mini Complement 2 Copper Type 2 LITZ Portable Interconnect


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Double Helix Cables has used its best technologies from the "Peptide" series of headphone cables to construct their interconnect cables.

The Mini Complement 2 is an interconnect for portable use that is derived from the Peptide Complement 2 headphone cable.

The LEFT and RIGHT channels are shielded separately to ensure that they are completely separate and is made in a way that the 2 channels are unable to interact with each other, giving the user perfect channel separation and a very wide soundstage.

The Mini Complement 2 is made from more than 100 strands of individually enamelled ultra-pure ohno continuous cast (UP-OCC) copper wires, braided and constructed to strictly adhere to the standards for type 2 LITZ cables.

The dampening material, shielding material, twist rate, braid type and insulation profiles are CAREFULLY selected to prevent any vibration or micro-vibration from interfering with the signal, and also prevents static build up within the interconnect itself, which will make electro-magnetic field build up in the interconnects itself impossible.