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Product Image DHC Microtubule Silicone IEM Slider

DHC Microtubule Silicone IEM Slider


DHC has a new solution for what to do with the question of IEM sliders.  We feel this is a good enough solution to put on all of our production IEM cables without hesitation.  With IEMs and other cables we like to be able to adjust the y-split and cinch them up securely whenever necessary. A silicone ring that was easy to install, stayed put, stayed out of sight, and didn't mess up the cable in any way.


  • Tiny, strong, made of heatproof and hypoallergenic silicone
  • Easy to retrofit, just stretch it with needlenose pliers and stick the cable ends through
  • Will not mar wire insulation or shift cable braids when moved up and down the cable
  • Easy to slip & slide, just roll it along the cable - but it stays put
  • Almost invisible once installed