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Product Image DHC Complement 4 UP-OCC Silver LITZ headphone cable

DHC Complement 4 UP-OCC Silver LITZ headphone cable

$ 1,579.00 SGD

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- DHC's most technically proficient, highest performing cable

- Type 4 LITZ: made up of 2 insulated cables with 2 wires in each cable

- Excellent cable built to give power to any headphone

- 22 AWG OCC Silver Litz Cable

Highest quality UP-OCC (Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Casting) wires used

- The dampening layers reduce capacitance due to the shielded design and the concentric layers exert force on the central cable core, preventing detail-robbing vibration.

Performance beyond copper. DHC's OCC silver conforms to no stereotypes, and never stops surprising us with its ability to extract a complete musical picture from the source material. The rise and decay of notes are the fastest we've heard, the bass is incisive and free of bloat and dullness, and the treble is delicately articulated without glare. The midrange extends deep into one's head and brings complete immersion. Three words to describe the sound performance - confident, effortless, free.

Our series4 technology is offered as two different cables: the very light and flexible Complement4 - our most ergonomic flagship - and the fully-evolved Spore4, with thorough, ultra-light military-grade shielding on each individual conductor - the epitome of our signature Spore layout.


Twice the typical amount of textile dampening has been employed in the Complement3 to prevent microvibrational energy from interfering with the signal. This approach also prevents static buildup as this dampening material is triboelectrically neutral - it will not build a charge when it rubs against something.

A newly developed carbon-infused composite is directly applied onto each strand of Peptide wire, providing further protection against a wide bandwidth of interference.  The individual carbon shielding on each wire takes the place of the single carbon fiber shield used in the original, less-effective design.  The material is highly compliant, absorbing mechanical energy and draining static buildup by acting as a semiconductor.

Super-thin custom mylar foil shielding against low-frequency interference and a non-magnetic super-high-coverage copper braid for iron-curtain isolation from high-frequency noise - don't let your cable become an antenna for signals traveling through the air! The Complement is the most protected cable on the market today, and provides a sense of quiet, black space - an empty canvas for music.  The foil layer helps to compact the inner layers and prevent vibration.

ERS paper treatment is the last word against signal pollution - a high-tech material that is a black hole for unwanted noise. Strategic placement allows noise entering the cable near the termination to be absorbed and reflected.

 There are a few Y-Split options available for the Complement 4 and these could be selected.

There are 2 types of sleeving layouts as well to fit your listening needs.


The apotheosis of our Complement4 technology is the Spore4.  This is the most well-protected, isolated cable DHC has ever offered.

Individual custom foil shields.  Each Integrated Wire is hand-wrapped in a custom, ultra-fine foil layer to screen out high-frequency noise.

Individual custom kevlar/nickel hybrid braid shields.  This military-grade material is one of the most light & flexible metal shields we know of.  It allows us to expand the protection of each Integrated Wire while preserving comfort as much as possible.  Strong, low-frequency interference is routed to signal ground.

Individually sleeved wire.   Each signal strand features our custom sleeve for our legendary Spore look.  

Interconnect synergy.  Exclusive to Complement4/Spore4 customers are the matching Spore4 Interconnects.  


Audez'e - Amphenol mini XLR connector
Audez'e - EL-8s (with 3D printed strain relief)
Audioquest Nighthawk
Beyerdynamic T1 generation 2
Denon - DHC Elite gold mini plug
Final Audio Design Pandora
Hifiman HE6/HE560/HE400 - custom SMC plugs
Hifiman HE1000 - Eidolic 2.5mm mono
JPS Labs Abyss
Mr. Speakers Alpha Dogs/Alpha Primes/Ether
Oppo PM-1/PM-2
Sennheiser HD600/HD650/HD700/HD800

Shure SRH series
Sony MDR-Z7
Ultrasone Romeo/Juliet/Edition 5

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- Offers most headphone jacks and amplifier needs
- Banana
- 1/4 Jacks
- Balanced
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