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Cross Lambda Mikumo 2

$ 149.00 SGD

Cross Lambda Mikumo, the best for beginner. Mikumo is Ultra-Purity Copper Litz which would give you an upgrade in detail and soundstage compared to traditional cable that come within the box. With Ultra-Purity Copper, mikumo express the sound of the music correctly with the warm character of copper cable and clarity from the purity of the cable. Mikumo is Litz which make sure that the oxidation effect would be prevented, the cable would not getting black or green due to the oxidation effect.


  • Wire OD (single wire strand): 1mm
  • Conductor type: Copper
  • Cores (single wire strand): 26
  • Purity: 99.99999% (7N)
  • Litz: YES; Type 1
  • Cryogenic treated: No