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Product Image CIEM loan service

CIEM loan service


Are you a musician or audio engineer and are interested in loaning a pair or 2 of our demo units to try them on set to help your decision making process easier?

We are now offering a loan service of up to 5 days for our demo units. 

Pricing structure

For a basic fee of S$50, you will be able to loan the CIEM demo units for up to 3 days. However, if at the end of the loan session, you give us and the brand(s) of IEMs you loan a shout-out on Facebook and Instagram, the basic fee will be waived and refunded to you completely.

Depending on the tier of IEMs you choose to loan, there will be varying amounts of security deposit from S$150 to S$600 (per IEM. but case-by-case exception may apply) that will be collected from you, which will be fully refunded to you at the end of the loan session after we have inspected the returned IEMs and have found them to be in good working and cosmetic conditions, as per at the start of the loan session.

If damage to the IEMs were found, we will deduct repair fees from the deposit, and in the case of a severe damage, we would require the receiver to further compensate for an extensive repair or even replacement of damaged IEMs.

special notes:
*for iems not in the list below, please check with us.
*please check with us on availability of the IEMs for loan
*photos of your photo ID will be taken and you will be required to sign a loan contract form

This service is applicable in Singapore only.

List of IEMs available for loan service

Tier 3

  • CTM CT-100
  • CTM CT-200
  • CTM CT-300
  • CTM CT-400
  • CTM CT-500
  • Eartech Duals
  • Eartech Triples
  • Eartech Quads
  • Lime Ears LE2
  • Lime Ears LE3S
  • Empire Supra II
  • Empire Cerberus III
  • Empire Spartan IV
  • Jomo 2
  • Jomo 3
  • Jomo 4
  • Jomo 5
  • Custom Art Music One
  • Custom Art Music Two
  • Custom Art Ei.3
  • Custom Art Pro 330v2
  • ACS Evoke Studio
  • ACS Evolve Studio

Tier 2

  • CTM CT-6E
  • Empire Hermes VI
  • Empire Athena VIII
  • Jomo 6
  • Jomo Reference
  • ACS Encore Studio
  • M-Fidelity SA-43

Tier 1

  • Empire Apollo X
  • Empire Zeus Remastered
  • Lime Ears Aether
  • Jomo Samba | Pro-audio
  • Custom Art Harmony 8.2
  • HUM Pristine Reference