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Product Image ACS Encore Studio

ACS Encore Studio

$ 1,899.00 SGD

Price includes free ear impressions with professional audiologist and 2-way shipping

Please refer to our product turnaround time page for more information:
Product Turnaround Times

Product Description
The ACS Encore is a silicone shelled custom in-ear monitor with 5 balanced armature drivers in a 3-way passive crossover configuration.

A dedicated large bass driver handles the frequencies between sub-bass to upper bass, tuned to let the Encore give you plenty of deep punchy bass without any distortion or bloat in the lower frequencies.

A pair of mid-range drivers handles the sound between lower mids to higher mids, working in harmony to present vocals and acoustic instruments and sounds in a full and natural manner.

Finally, a pair of tweeters take care of the high frequency sounds. With the load balanced between 2 drivers, the Encore has more headroom for hard to reproduce high frequencies. The crisp, clear and detailed treble delivers excellent clarity and a wide soundstage.

To complete the overall package, all Studio series in-ear monitors in ACS' line-up comes with the Estron Linum BaX cable. Weighing in at 2.7 grams and only 1.8mm in diameter, the cable is almost invisible when worn and so light that you almost won't feel that there are cables.

Despite being so thin, the Linum BaX doesn't compromise in quality. They are constructed with 6 litz wire conductors of 7 individual strands. Each strand is made up of silver plated copper with enamel coating to ensure minimal oxidation and a reliable connection. Aramid fibres are woven into the cable to provide the Linum BaX a pull strength of 60N. With a TPA jacket, the cable provides a silky smooth feel with minimal microphonics.

Features and specifications:

  • 5 balanced armature drivers (1x Low, 2x Mid, 2x High)
  • Integrated 3-way passive crossover
  • Dual bore design
  • Full concha fit
  • 40 Shore medical grade hypoallergenic silicone shells
  • Detachable Linum BaX cable and socket system
  • Impedance: 85 Ohms at 1kHz
  • Sensitivity: 120.5dB SPL @ 1Khz
  • Freq. Response: 20 Hz – 21 KHz
  • Noise Isolation: -26dB

Refit: 30 days upon collection
Internal components and manufacturing defects: 1 year
For more information regarding warranty: ACS warranty information

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is included in the price I pay?
  • The ACS Encore Studio (along with any customisation options you may have selected)
  • Carrying pouch, ACS Revivo, wax pick, user manual, comfort cream, ¼" adapter
  • 1st set of ear impressions (ear moulds) done at our partnering audiologist, The Hearing Centre
  • All shipping costs involved for the transport of your ear impressions to ACS and your ACS Encore Studio to us
  • Shipping costs of sending your product back to ACS for refits/repairs
What is NOT included in the price I pay?
  • Premium customisation options such as custom engraving and rush order.
  • Subsequent sets of ear impressions done for any refits should it be required, even if the error is on the audiologist's side.
  • Repair costs for damages not covered by ACS.
Are there any hidden costs that have not been reflected in the price I pay?

Apart from the points listed above, NO! As mentioned above, the cost of ear impressions and shipping will not be factored in as an additional, hidden cost. It our goal to be as transparent with regards to the price you pay for your ACS Encore Studio.

How long will I have to wait before my ACS Encore Studio are ready for collection?

You’ll have to wait for 5-6 weeks. This includes the building time of 3-4 weeks, as well as shipping time of 2 weeks to and fro ACS.

How long is the warranty for my ACS Encore Studio?

ACS warrants your ACS Encore Studio from manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year. There is a 30 day warranty against fit issues.

For more information regarding warranty: ACS warranty information.

What is the difference between the Studio and Live! version of the Encore?

The Studio version of the Encore is designed to be better suited for studio monitoring and music listening purposes.

In short, the Encore Live! is designed for live stage monitoring when paired with the ACS Ambient Live! wireless belt pack. More details below:

The Live! version of the Encore has a pair of wideband natural response microphones built into the shells of the in-ear monitors. These microphones interfaces with the ACS Ambient Live! wireless belt pack or mixer, which allows you to introduce and adjust your ambient surroundings independently from the live monitoring mix, giving you the ability to control outside sound and safely eliminate the isolation experienced by wearing good sealing in-ear monitors. The full 3D effect of the ambient signal perfectly mimics your natural hearing, giving you great positional ambient cues and is much more effective than stage pick-up microphones which have to be controlled at the desk and do not provide a sense of depth or position. All of this is seamlessly taken care of by the intelligent DSP system integrated into the Ambient Live! Pack with great clarity and low latency.