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Analog Acoustic Tuning Service by Mezzo Soprano

$ 499.00 SGD

CHIM, one of the core members of Mezzo Soprano, is a purist when it comes to sound quality.

In his pursuit for the best sound quality, he has come up with a few products and services that extracts the best sound quality out of your in-ear monitors and headphones.

Burning in to fine tune the sound of an individual or a set of audio equipment has been a long debated topic, especially for portable audio equipment. There are numerous methods, like playing a list of songs or playing pink noise and sine wave to aid in burning in of audio equipment.

By using special burning in and acoustic tuning techniques, Mezzo Soprano presents the Analog Acoustic Tuning Service that is able to bring out the maximum potential of your audio equipment.

You will notice that the soundstage, imaging and transparency greatly increased with the Analog Acoustic Tuning Service (AATS).

We have demo units of in-ear monitors and digital audio players that have gone through the AATS treatment for you to find out the difference in sound quality.

When purchased with the Maestro Cable, the Analog Acoustic Tuning Service is included free of charge.

Please indicate the equipment you will be sending for the AATS treatment in the text box beside.