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Project K - The "K" Mod for Sony DAPs

$ 549.00 SGD

The WM1Z mod with 1960s wiring have the following included:
1. Brand new Pentaconn 4.4mm socket (to ensure that solder used on the socket is fresh, and not contaminated by existing solder)
2. 1960s wiring mod for both single ended and balanced outputs
3. Exotic Mitsubishi Heavy Industries precious metal (not gold) based solder used for all solder joints, existing solder will be cleaned off prior to soldering with the precious metal based solder.
4. 1960s wire for the DC ground wiring
5. Isolation of inductor coils and capacitors with shielding products from Japan (Oyaide and fo.Q)

Tiers and pricing structure (prices includes free DHL/FedEx shipping to customer)

2-wire: S$549 (single 1960s wire for DC ground section)

4-wire: S$699 (dual 1960s wire for DC ground section)

4-wire single ended, 8-wire balanced: S$899 (dual 1960s wire for DC ground section)

Premium PLUS
4-wire single ended, 8-wire balanced+2 pairs of tantalum capacitors wired parallel to analog output: S$1049 (dual 1960s wire for DC ground section)

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