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Fit and refit policy

This policy only applies to customers who have ordered custom in-ear monitors (CIEM) products and custom reshell/remold services.

Terms and conditions of our fit and refit policy

  1. Music Sanctuary will ONLY cover the very first pair of ear impressions required to build your CIEM product or reshell/remold CIEM free of charge, included in the price of the product/service.

  2. In the event that a refit is required, Music Sanctuary will offer advice on the procedure of refitting and also the support of refitting in the form of detailing the fit issues and any shipping charges required.

  3. In the event that a refit is required, and upon following up with our vendors, that a subsequent set of ear impressions are required, Music Sanctuary WILL NOT cover any fees or charges pertaining to the new ear impressions required. Customers will be liable for the fees or charges required for the new sets of ear impressions.

  4. While we do offer the flexibility of allowing customers to do ear impressions on their own with other hearing aid centres, Music Sanctuary RESERVES the rights to reject ear impressions that are not up to our standard.

  5. In the event where Music Sanctuary is unable to help with a specific request of a customer, we will do our best to link you up with the relevant points of contact.

  6. Music Sanctuary RESERVES the rights to change these terms and conditions anytime.

Reasons for implementation of our new fit/refit policy

  1. We have been working with The Hearing Centre for a year, and we have always been working hard to ensure that the ear impressions made by the consultants and audiologists of The Hearing Centre are of the highest possible standards that are satisfactory to our vendors. With the best ear impressions, our vendors will be able to produce the best fitting custom in-ear monitors for our customers.

  2. On top of working with a team of professional hearing aid consultants and audiologists, we have also ensured that the ear impressions are of the highest quality by procuring our own choice of ear impression materials from Westone, the Pink Silicast (link here: Westone Pink Silicast). This is done to minimise the variables that affects the fit of a custom in-ear monitor product.

  3. By providing the best ear impression materials and the best people in the industry to do ear impressions, we have ensured that 2 out of the 4 variables in getting a perfect fitting custom in-ear monitor product is effectively "removed". The 1st of the remaining 2 variables is the production on the manufacturers' side, however, with months of working with our vendors, we have ensured that our vendors have also minimised the variable of fit during the manufacturing process. The last variable, comes from the customers during the ear impression making process; customers are expected to follow the clear instructions of our partnering hearing aid centre, which is to not clench their teeth when biting the bite block, minimising body movement and most important of all, minimising the movement of the jaw and the ears. This variable is out of our control, and we WILL NOT take any liability of responsibility that is outside of our control.

  4. While we do understand the customised nature of our products, we have taken steps to minimise any fit issues, and the low percentage of orders that has fit issues is a testament that our partners and ourselves are doing the correct steps in ensuring that our customers gets a perfect fitting custom in-ear monitors on the first try. And it is due to our meticulous attention to details that has ensured that many customers get perfect fit on the first try, we have spent a lot of time, effort and monetary investment to perfecting the ear impression process. Therefore, it justifies our policy of not offering any subsequent ear impressions at our costs to customers.

For any other questions, please drop us a message at hello@music-sanctuary.com