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Frequently asked questions

We understand that it sucks when you have to wait for your pair of new, wonderful custom in-ear monitors to be built. But unfortunately, unlike off the shelves products, custom in-ear monitors require time and effort to be meticulously crafted to provide you with the best comfort, isolation and sound quality that you will never be able to get other than from custom in-ear monitors.

What are custom in-ear monitors?

Custom in-ear monitors are in-ear monitors that are custom made according to the shape of your ears to give you the best isolation, fit, comfort, and sound.

They are considered a step up from universal fit in-ear monitors, as the physical construction of custom in-ear monitors allows more components to be installed in the most optimal ways compared to a universal fit in-ear monitor.

Why custom in-ear monitors?

Since custom in-ear monitors are built according to the shape of your ears, the micro-speakers, known as balanced armature drivers, can be installed in the shell of your custom in-ear monitor in such a way that the position of the balanced armature drivers are fully optimised, allowing the custom in-ear monitors to be built to sound the best when YOU wear it.

Another added benefit of custom in-ear monitors is that when made from perfectly moulded ear impressions, custom in-ear monitors will give you the best isolation and comfort.

Isolation, which is the ability to block outside noise by the means of creating a seal in your ear canals, will at least be on pair with the best universal in-ear monitors.

But as for comfort wise, custom in-ear monitors are unparalleled. You will not need to worry about getting the correct size, shape or material type of ear tips to fit your ears, and even with the best fitting tips, your ear canals may get sore after extended period of time.

However, with custom in-ear monitors, you do not need to worry about that.

What are the shortfalls of custom in-ear monitors?

Price. As custom in-ear monitors are handmade individually, using the highest quality components, one will have to expect that custom in-ear monitors command a premium over their universal fit in-ear monitor counterparts.

Building time. Since custom in-ear monitors are handmade individually, they need time to be built, which is typically 6 to 8 weeks. However, we offer rush order option for our custom in-ear monitors, which means your custom in-ear monitors will be put on a priority queue and process and be built within 10 business days.

Serviceability. As custom in-ear monitors are custom made to your ears, you can't just bring them to us for a 1-to-1 exchange if it is faulty. We will have to send it back to the respective manufacturer for them to open up your custom in-ear monitors, assess the problems and fix them, before sending them back to us. The good thing is, all the freight costs related to such repairs will be free-of-charge.

Resale value. As custom in-ear monitors would require reshell to fit the new owner, which means losing warranty support, so, custom in-ear monitors have a much lower resale value as compared to their universal fit counterparts. The good thing is, we offer reshells with our brand, InEarZ, opening the option for potential resale of your monitors!

Music Sanctuary Universal In-Ear Monitors

What is included in the prices of our custom in-ear monitors?

1. The custom in-ear monitors you have ordered

2. All accessories that comes standard with the custom in-ear monitors

3. 1 set of your ear impressions done by The Hearing Centre (you can choose to go down on your own, or contact us!)

4. All shipping costs involved in the transit of your ear impressions and the custom in-ear monitors

5. All shipping costs involved for refits and after-sales support

What is NOT included in the prices of our custom in-ear monitors?

1. Add-ons such as premium customisation options that has an additional fee to them

2. Add-ons such as rush orders

3. Ear impressions for refitting

4. Repair costs for damage not warrantied by manufacturers.

5. Additional accessories that are not part of the standard package

Are there any hidden additional charges?

Apart from customisation options that requires additional fees, NO!

Professionally done ear impressions and shipping are all included!

What are ear impressions?

Ear impressions are the impressions of the interior and exterior of your ears! They reproduce the shape of your ears, which is crucial to the building of custom in-ear monitors!

Why are ear impressions important?

Your pair of custom in-ear monitors are built based on the ear impressions that are made by injecting an hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone into your ears. And if the ear impressions are poorly made, it will result in poor fit, poor comfort, poor isolation and poor sound quality, which can greatly affect how you enjoy your custom in-ear monitors. And that is why we have chosen to partner with a professional audiologist to provide the ear impression making service to our customers.

Ear impressions process looks easy! But why do you choose to have an audiologist to provide ear impressions?

Let us begin with the process of the ear impression making:

  1. An assessment is made to see if your ears are suitable to make ear impressions (clean ears with no wounds!)
  2. A sponge/cotton stopper is inserted into your ears, slightly past the 2nd bend of your ear canal
  3. The self-curing silicone mixture is prepared and inserted into a syringe
  4. The self-curing silicone mixture is injected into your ears, ending at the exterior of your ears, with your mouth in open jaw position
  5. After a 10 to 15 minutes wait for the mixture to cure, the ear impressions are moved.

Looks easy right? Now, take a look at the diagram below:

Notice how NEAR the Oto-block (the sponge/cotton stopper) is placed to your ear drums, and how DEEP it is into your ears.

A typical set of ear impressions can be up to 26MM long from the the Tragus to the Oto-Block, with the Oto-Block being so near your eardrums, you wouldn't want anything to go past the Oto-Block and to touch the hairs near the eardrum or the eardrum itself.

And this is why we insist on having our customer's ear impressions done professionally with our partnering audiologist, Bay Audio, to give them an ease of mind that the ear impression making process is absolutely safe and the ear impressions are perfectly made to give you the best fitting custom in-ear monitors that would greatly reduce the chances of refitting.

Here is a video of how a ear impressions is done (credits to Siemens):

Which hearing centre/audiologist do you recommend?

Our partnering audiology centre, The Hearing Centre will be taking care of you. The Hearing Centre have been in the industry for 10 years and have a team of audiologists and consultants that are very well trained.

Outlets serving Music Sanctuary customers:


304 Orchard Road #B1-106
Lucky Plaza S(238863)

Tel: 64742216

Monday-Friday: 10:00am to 6:00pm (last appointment 5:30pm)
Saturday: 10am to 1pm (last appointment 12:30pm)
Closed on Sundays

What is the ordering process like?

  1. Meet us for an audition
  2. Pick what you like, place an order
  3. Make an appointment for your ear impression with The Hearing Centre
  4. The Hearing Centre will keep your ear impressions
  5. Music Sanctuary will handle the shipping of your ear impressions
  6. Building of your custom in-ear monitors begin
  7. Once it's done and arrived in Singapore, Music Sanctuary will contact you for collection
  8. Collect your custom in-ear monitors and enjoy your time listening to the best music


You may wish to make your ear impressions before you audition the demo units or place order.
What payment methods are accepted?

We only accept cash payment or bank funds transfer upon your placement of order.

NETS and Credit/Debit Card payment will be offered in the near future (in Q3 2015).

Do you offer installment?

Unfortunately, we don't. So sorry about this.