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The specialist in custom in-ear monitors and bespoke cables.

Double Helix Cables

Double Helix Cables

is founded, owned, and operated by Peter Bradstock since 2009. Peter is a lifelong audio enthusiast who turned a bit of tinkering with his headphones into his full-time occupation.  He has dedicated himself to perfecting his cables, constantly researching new ways to further improve his cables and techniques. His workmanship is undeniably currently one of the best in the market.
Peter's wife, Jennifer Bradstock, serves as CFO and assists in all aspects of the business to keep things running smoothly.

(Please note that until further notice, we will only carry the demos for DHC iem cables. If you wish to order anything from the DHC website, please drop us a message and we'll see what we can arrange for you.)

All Symbiote LITZ series cables are of Type 4 LITZ

Why DHC Symbiote

DHC Type 4 Litz

Product lineup:

Double Helix Cables Symbiote Copper

Double Helix Cables Symbiote SE copper Litz

Double Helix Cables Symbiote SE SPC copper hybrid litz

Double Helix Cables Symbiote SE silver plated copper spc litz

Double Helix Cables Symbiote Fusion Copper Silver Hybrid Litz

Double Helix Cables Symbiote SP Silver Litz