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The specialist in custom in-ear monitors and bespoke cables.

Custom Product Turnaround times

In this page, turnaround times are listed below. Turnaround times includes all shipping involved.

Last update:  31st January 2018

64Audio universal fit IEMs: 5-7 weeks (delays expected)
64Audio custom IEMs: 5-8 weeks

Clear Tune Monitors custom IEMs: 5-8 weeks

Cosmic Ears custom IEMs: 5-8 weeks

Custom Art custom IEMs: 5-8 weeks

Double Helix Cables built to order cables: 10-12 weeks

Eartech Music custom IEMs: 5-8 weeks

Han Sound Audio built to order cables: 3-5 weeks

HUM custom IEMs: 5-8 weeks

InEar GmbH&Co. LivePro custom IEMs: 6-10 weeks

InEarZ custom in-ear monitors: 5-8 weeks

Lime Ears custom IEMs: 5-8 weeks

M-Fidelity custom IEMs: 4-7 weeks

Mezzo Soprano Maestro cable and Maestro burn-in: 8-12 weeks
Mezzo Soprano MSAK100/120 modification: 6-10 weeks

plusSound built to order cables: 6-9 weeks

PWAudio built to order cables: 3-6 weeks

qdc custom IEMs: 4-6 weeks
qdc universal fit IEMs: 3-5 weeks

Soranik custom IEMs: 4-6 weeks
Soranik universal fit IEMs: 3-5 weeks

Ultimate Ears Pro CIEMs: 2-4 weeks (fastest)

Warbler custom IEMs: 4-8 weeks