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Product Image Lime Ears Model X [Universal Fit]

Lime Ears Model X [Universal Fit]

$ 1,799.00 SGD


Please refer to our product turnaround time page for more information:
Product Turnaround Times

The Model X is a model that is introduced with the 5th anniversary of Lime Ears, and sits in-between the LE3S and the Aether in terms of pricing.

While Model X carries some of the technologies from Aether and LE3S, such as VariBore and switchable low-end characteristics, it also introduces a new design within Lime Ears' lineup, which is the Passive Acoustic Resonator (PAR) technology. The PAR technology allows for a perfect marriage of the midrange and low end response to create a sound that is lush, liquid and natural.

Model X sounds wide, deep and natural, with lush mids and crispy highs. The bass characteristics changes the sound of Model X between energetic V-shape frequency response and liquid and airy.


  • 4 precision balanced armature drivers
  • 3-way passive crossover design
  • 2 balanced armature driver for low frequency production
  • 1 balanced armature drivers for midrange frequency production
  • 1 balanced armature drivers for high frequency production
  • Sensitivity: unspecified
  • Impedance: unspecified

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is included in the price I pay?
    • The Lime Ears Model X (along with whatever customisations you may have selected)
    • Included accessories (earwax removal tool, case, pouch and stock cable)
    • All shipping costs involved for the transport of your Lime Ears Model X to us
    • Shipping costs of sending your product back to Lime Ears for refits/repairs
    What is NOT included in the price I pay?
    • Premium customisation options such as wood faceplates, custom artwork and etc..
    • Repair costs for damages not covered by Lime Ears
    Are there any hidden costs that have not been reflected in the price I pay?

    Apart from the points listed above, NO! As mentioned above, the cost of ear impressions and shipping will not be factored in as an additional, hidden cost. It our goal to be as transparent with regards to the price you pay for your Lime Ears Aether.

    How long will I have to wait before my Lime Ears Model X are ready for collection?

    You’ll have to wait for 6-8 weeks. This includes the building time of 4-6 weeks, as well as shipping time of 2 weeks to and fro Lime Ears.

    How long is the warranty for my Lime Ears Model X?

    Lime Ears warrants your Lime Ears Model X from manufacturing defects for a period of 1 years. There is a 30 day warranty against fit issues.