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Product Image Custom Art Harmony 8

Custom Art Harmony 8.2 (acrylic)

$ 1,899.00 SGD

Price includes free ear impressions with professional audiologist and 2-way shipping

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Harmony 8.2 is the culmination of Custom Art's Piotr Granicki research and development. Previous Harmony 8 and 8 Pro features that distinct highs that propelled Custom Art right into the centre of attention of Head-Fi scene. Whereas their Ei-xx features a visceral sub bass that impressed many.

Harmony 8.2 is the is combination of the Harmony 8, 8 Pro and Ei-xx and inclines towards a warmer signature. Headroom and imaging remains as impressive as ever.

Harmony series - created as a link between Pro and Music series. The Harmony series combines the best features from each series – musicality and accuracy to create top-tier sounding IEMs in Custom Art's line.


  • 8 Balanced Armature
  • 3way cross-over in Single Phase configuration
  • Dual Low, Dual Low-mid, Dual full-range, Dual tweeter 
  • 107dB @1kHz @0.1V
  • 50 Ohm @1kHz 
  • 20 Ohm DC
  • 10Hz-18900Hz (+-20dB into 711 ICE coupler)
  • Vented receivers for better bass response 
  • Damper-free design
  • Hypoallergenic silicone body

Refit: 30 days upon collection
Internal components and manufacturing defects: 1 year