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Product Image Custom Art Fibae 3x3 (acrylic)

Custom Art Fibae 3x3 (acrylic)

$ 1,089.00 SGD

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Triple-driver designs were (and still are) among the most popular IEM configurations on the market today. Counting all of our previous designs it would be Custom Art’s 6th 3-driver released to date, which means it’s also our most common designed IEM set up.

Even though typically 3 drivers dedicated for each main part of frequency response is enough to provide fairly broadband response we find that those IEMs are lacking truly exceptional extension on both ends and provide either insufficient sub-bass or super high frequency response, they also typically fail in soundstage and overall sound signature. We had broken this myth with our FIBAE 3 and we continued this approach with development of FIBAE 3x3. 

For sub-bass frequencies we decided on a brand new single woofer offering flat extension to the lowest frequencies. For mids and highs we combined drivers from FIBAE 2 (mid) and 3 (high) with improved crossover in a true 3-way design. Improvements over older models are apparent - most noticeable - the headroom and THD levels. In fact FIBAE 3x3 offers the biggest headroom from our whole range, which translates to the lowest harmonic distortions, thanks to this change IEMs are now louder, easier to drive with spectacular depth. 

Another clear improvement over older models is drivers’ phase alignment which makes the sound much more coherent while expanding stage and increasing separation. 

Our main objective for 3x3’s sound signature was to make IEM that sounds rather flat, bright and natural but not boring at the same time. We wanted to upgrade FIBAE 2 and 3 - not just replace them. We designed a gentle lift in the lowest sub-bass region to provide sufficient rumble when needed to. Mid-bass is kept on the leaner side without sounding hollow or lacking in saturation. Upper mids are leveled out - not too forward, not too pushed back - right in the perfect spot for creating natural sounding vocals. Lower highs are where we had departed from our typical tuning and boosted that range a little bit more than we usually do. Worry not, this IEM is free from harshness or sibilance, but it’s definitely brighter than its predecessors. Highs are extended, airy, without fatiguing. Soundstage - deep, 3D, with black background. 

FIBAE 3x3 offers more sub-bass and more high frequencies compared to FIBAE 2 - better extension and overall brighter signature. Compared to FIBAE 3 there’s a dramatic improvement in distortions, less mid-bass quantity but more sub-bass extension, less forward upper midrange and similar high frequency response. Finally a better driver application ensures better texture, superior coherence and dynamics.

FIBAE 3x3 is directed towards both professionals and music enthusiasts looking for precise, neutral but never boring sound with unparalleled qualities and unmatched frequency extension.

  • Single Sub-Low, Single Mid, Single High

  • 118dB @1kHz @0.1V

  • 7.8 Ohm @1kHz (+-1 Ohm 10Hz-20kHz)

  • 10Hz-20000Hz (+-20dB into IEC 60318-4 coupler)

  • Low %THD

  • Damperless Design 

  • Null Audio Ethos stock cable