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The specialist in custom in-ear monitors and bespoke cables.

Custom Art

Custom Art was established in 2012 in Poland specializing in silicone custom In-Ear Monitors.

Piotr Granicki, an audio enthusiast himself, found himself learning about the design of IEMs while seeking to understand the build philosophies behind his favourite products.

With the first silicone IEM produced in 2013, Piotr quickly gained the respect of fellow audiophiles, developing a dedicated fanbase.

Piotr's philosophy is to deliver the best products possible at an affordable pricing. Their house-sound signature is best described as balanced with slightly warmed but natural approach. Custom Art puts a strong emphasis on technical and performance aspects of their monitors ensuring that they squeeze 110% from the speakers and components they use.

Custom Art takes great pride in manufacturing their monitors with highest grade bio-medical silicone, creating not only an earphone but product that stands out and is one-of-a-kind, redefining what silicone monitors are.

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