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Product Image Han Sound Audio Aegis OCC copper cable

Han Sound Audio Aegis OCC copper cable

$ 499.00 SGD

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The Aegis cable is a cable that is constructed with wires made from a fusion of single crystal silver-gold alloy and single crystal copper litz strands, in a unique multi-layered twisting geometry.

At the core of every wire used in the Aegis is a DuPont Kevlar aramid fiber, which provides excellent cable strength, resistance against pull and tugs. The insulation used is a subtle translucent brown UV resistant PVC compound, which is soft, supple and ergonomic, with a smooth and luxurious touch.

After numerous experiments with different solders available in the market, HanSound has selected a high end audiophile grade gold alloy solder for the integration of connectors to the wires.

The Aegis presents a sound that generally represents the nature of a copper cable’s smooth warm sound, but with the gentle silkiness and airiness of silver-gold alloy wires.

The highs and lows of the Aegis extends naturally, with the bass being very deep, accompanied with a well extended treble that is airy and smooth. All these special qualities come together to present a cable with a sound that is unique and innovative in the industry.

 All Han Sound Audio cables are warrantied for 6 months against manufacturing defects.