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ACS Custom IEM

ACS was established in 1994 as a company dedicated to hearing conservation and the manufacture of custom-fit hearing protection and in-ear monitors. Since introducing the first soft silicone in-ear monitor the T Series, ACS has continued to be at the forefront of innovation and product development. 

The ACS in-ear monitors are the choice of many world-class artists, providing an exceptional and safe delivery of their on-stage mix. Outside of the pro-audio application, ACS earphones are selected by audiophiles and music lovers to provide a stunning audio experience that reveals music at a level of indescribable detail. 

Headquartered in Banbury, Oxfordshire, ACS has offices in London, New York, Taipei and a global network of carefully selected manufacturing and distribution partners, so no matter where you are, you’re never far from an authorized ACS provider.

In 2015, ACS introduced their Studio Series, comprising a single-driver Evoke, a triple -driver Evolve and a quintuple-driver Encore.  In addition, for the first time, ACS has introduced two universal in-ear monitors the Evoke and Evolve Universal.  Using ACS patented IRIS “Intelligent Resonance In Silicone” technology, the Studio Series deliver unparalleled audio performance within incredibly light and small enclosure, since introduction, the Studio Series had won numerous accolades from professional musicians, audiophiles and reviewers in the world.