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09 Oct

Tips on Hearing Protection

Posted by The Mystik

This post is going to be about hearing protection. It is important to take care of your ears to ensure you'll enjoy your gear for years to come!

Did you know that 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults are at risk of hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices?* Have you been guilty of blasting your earbuds or headphones at maximum volume? Listening to anything above 95db for more than 47 minutes is dangerous for your ears.* Blasting music at maximum volume on most phones usually ends up being higher than 95db.^

One of the biggest contributors to hearing damage these days is listening to music at loud volumes. Most people turn up the volume on their personal listening devices because they wish to mask external noises. This is especially the case while commuting, when using earbuds. Most cheap earbuds, like those that probably came with your mobile phone, have extremely poor noise isolation. This means that you are barely isolated from outside noises. Your music, along with the noise from your surroundings, blend to sound horrible.

This is one of the benefits of getting good custom in ear monitors and universal in ear monitors that seal well will actually help mitigate the risk of hearing loss, provided you listen responsibly. Silicone custom in ear monitors tend to seal better than acrylic custom in ear monitors. That being said, acrylic custom in ear monitors are harder and are not prone to flaking, a problem that plagues majority of silicone in ear monitors. Silicone in ear monitors may also be unsuitable for Asian customers as we tend to have drier ears. 

Brands that make silicone in ear monitors: Custom Art, ACS

Brands that make acrylic in ear monitors: 64 Audio, Clear Tune Monitors, Eartech Music, Empire Ears, HUM, Jomo Audio, Lime Ears, Livezone R41

Brands that make gel/silicone-filled acrylic in ear monitors: M-Fidelity (silicone), Rhines Custom Monitors (gel).

Gel/silicone-filled acrylic in ear monitors are basically normal, acrylic in ear monitors, with gel/silicone inserted after the drivers are placed, to fill the air spaces wishing the shell. This usually results in superior isolation to normal acrylic in ear monitors. The outer shell is still acrylic, so the in ear monitors are not plagued by the few disadvantages of silicone in ear monitors.

In addition to custom in ear monitors, if you are going to visit places that have loud noise, such as clubs, or concerts, do wear appropriate hearing protection. Earplugs that fit deep in your ears help seal out a lot of the noise. There are a great number of dedicated earplugs that reduce the loudness, without overly sacrificing the sound entering your ears

Do ask our friendly staff for help should you require any assistance! Hearing loss is a serious issue, so listen responsibly.

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